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Richard Rhodes

Richard Rhodes


Do you know any “middle children”? You know the type...someone with over achieving older siblings and adorable younger siblings. Well, Dick Rhodes is the middle child—on steroids! He is child number eight…...of fifteen. That’s right, Dick has seven older siblings and seven younger siblings!!! (It’s safe to assume his parents didn’t have cable TV.) It’s no wonder then that Dick has always been a marketer. How else do you distinguish yourself in a family that could field it’s own football team? We’ll learn more about Dick and his unique story in coming issues.

Travis Rhodes

Travis Rhodes

V.P. of Sales

As VP of Sales and Marketing for Dusty’s Outdoor Media, Travis brings a wealth of experience to the out-of-home advertising industry. With a degree in business from Southern Illinois University, Travis originally joined Dusty’s in 2009 to assist in billboard sales and maintenance. In 2010, Travis joined CBS Outdoor, working in both their Midwest and Denver, Colorado office. Travis overseas the sales and marketing for Dusty’s more than 400 billboard faces. His experience in establishing comprehensive marketing campaigns in both metro and non-metro markets, offers a huge service for the diverse Dusty’s clientele. Travis is a fan of snowboarding, wakeboarding, film and his dog Marley.

Kathy VanSant

Kathy VanSant

V.P. of Operations

Since 2007, Kathy has been with Dusty’s Outdoor Media. In her role, she coordinates all activities of the company, from media house relations to billboard installations. She’s the lynchpin of the firm. Kathy came to Dusty’s with a background in media business, having served as director of accounting for Yellow Book, a yellow pages firm. She also served as the general manager for an outdoor recreation firm, prior to joining Dusty’s.

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