Billboards Reach 93% of Americans

Guaranteed Lighting Control

We are one of the few in the industry to ffer guaranteed lighting controls. The lights on your billboard are controlled from our office, so there is no down time for your advertising.

Impacting Consumers

Nearly 80% of consumers are away from home for a majority of the day. By placing your message in strategic locations, you can not only impact a consumers decision, but build brand loyalty.

24/7 Prescence

Becuase of its 24/7 prescence, bilboard advertising helps build consumer awareness throught repeated exposures to your message at a cost tht is up to 90% less than other forms of advertising.

Industry Growth

According to the Outdoor Advertising Associtation of America, the outdoor industry is growing faster than any other ad medium aside from the internet.

Dusty's Outdoor Media Billboard Count per State


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About Dusty's Outdoor Media

Dusty's Outdoor Media, LLC currently has ownership of over 400 outdoor advertising spaces scattered throughout Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. These advertising spaces are located along various major roadways throughout large cities, small towns and rural areas in each state giving our advertisers the opportunity to maximize the visibility of their message and cover a broad spectrum of viewers.
With the ability to create a business' advertisement on a temporary paper sheet or on a long lasting vinyl sheet; Dusty's can give a business a helping hand whether they want to advertise a short-time promotion, introduce the new business to potential customers or just want to let people know the business is out there.
Also, with our very own graphic artist, Dusty's can come up with an advertising design that is catered to the message a company wants to get across to possible consumers.
For further information on advertising with Dusty's Outdoor Media, LLC, click on the contact us link and then call, write, fax or e-mail us with any questions that you may have.

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